5 Simple steps to help you remove conditioned beliefs.

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29th November 2018
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5th December 2018

What is a conditioned belief?

A belief is an experience that we add judgement to. Let me explain. When we have an experience, or learn some information, we process this and make some kind of judgement based on the way this made us feel. For example, when you are young you get bitten by a dog, this hurts and creates fear, so you make judgement that all dogs are viscous and scary. The fact is very few dogs are but you have created a belief that you can justify to yourself.

This is a basic example but many of our conditioned beliefs create huge limits in our life and are actually incorrect. We should all consider our fears and our beliefs and be brave enough to question them sometimes. Not an easy task to admit we have been wrong about something we truly believed but a task worth doing as this lifts so many limiting beliefs in our lives.

1. Reject Your Old Self (reject your conditioning)

Most people allow beliefs, opinions, likes, and dislikes to pop up by default. In any situation, their thinking isn’t focused on the present moment, but is a replay of the past. The self who originated old thinking doesn’t exist anymore. So when you find yourself having a negative reaction, and you can see that this reaction is one you fall back on (e.g., getting angry, feeling anxious, shutting out whatever is new and unknown), simply stop for a second and silently repeat the following : “I am not that person anymore.”

Let this thought sink in, then open yourself to the situation as it’s unfolding in real present moment. Your real self is always here and now.

2. Reject Default Attitudes (do not listen to your subconscious)

Most of us have reacted to thousands of situations over a lifetime that left an impression, this is called conditioning.  In both cases, the result is the same. An impression is like a microchip that sends out the same message over and over. It makes us respond the same way over and over also, which is the opposite of actually being real and present. This is our automatic unconscious program that we have based on our conditioning.

The quicker your response is, the more you should reject it as a default program. Simply seeing this will help to re-condition the subconscious mind/program. The same program that became imprinted can be cleared again—all it takes is a little self-awareness.

3. Listen to the People You Don’t Listen To

When you shut anyone out, you are censoring reality. Great decision-makers appear from the outside to be very decisive and single-minded. But this disguises how they actually arrive at a decision, which involves a period of searching. While searching, they open their minds to all kinds of information, spreading the net as wide as possible. In other words, great decision-makers do the opposite of censoring reality.

Try listening to people who you’ve been shutting out, whatever your reason was originally. We can all tell when we’re being shut out, and we all have the same reaction. We resent it, and we have no motivation to help that person. See yourself as a kind of human inbox, allowing as many viewpoints as you can to enter your mental landscape. A rigid mindset is soon melted this way.

4. Conscious Awareness

Consciousness isn’t easy to define, and you can spend your life paying little attention to it. Consciousness is the projector screen for our subconscious thoughts unless we have the awareness to define them. Our subconscious has been conditioned by our past thoughts, experiences and emotions, and will always search for the familiar self. The subconscious is addicted to the past and is the reason we find change so difficult. This addiction is literally a chemical one as our brain produces chemicals based on our thoughts.

When we think of something that makes us happy, oxytocin is produced and that is the good feeling we have. Likewise when we think thoughts of anger adrenaline is produced and that is the bad feeling we have.

Now you have conscious awareness you can choose which thoughts you want to think and in turn how you want to feel. Once you master this, this alone will change your life.

5. Find the Path of Least Resistance

In physics, the law of least resistance holds that nature favours the shortest path to achieve a result. A tennis ball falls to earth in a simple curve, not a curlicue. An arrow flies straight to the target. Water boils at 212 degrees F. If nature is always this efficient, using the least effort and energy as possible, why do we complicate our lives? The combination of stress, struggle, and needless suffering is the result of a mindset that sees no other way to live.

But there has always been another way, as pointed out by the world’s wisdom traditions. Look into them, and you will find some astonishing propositions, including the following: Life was never meant to be a struggle. When you encounter the silent depth of your mind, some problems dissolve automatically while others present new solutions. Your higher self is real and wants only the best for you. A life aligned with the laws of nature is not only easier; it brings love, creativity, and bliss as our birthright.

A mindset can often make you feel like you are imprisoned, I am offering you the key to get out of prison so please don’t throw it away.

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