5 Simple steps to love your self more.

29th November 2018
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1st January 2001
5 Simple steps to help you remove conditioned beliefs.
29th November 2018

You must love yourself from the inside out in order to achieve a true state of Absolute Happiness.


1. Give up thinking you are not perfect

Do you find yourself constantly criticising your actions, behaviour and looks?
Do you have a mind that just won’t shut up?
Is there a voice, an internal dialogue that is constantly narrating your life, judging, criticising, and never giving you a break?

If you have a strong and persistent mind full of self-judgement and analytical thoughts then you are just like everybody else, this is perfectly normal until you discover why; most never even reach this level of awareness.

The analytical mind is directly connected to the body, which is a product of its conditioning, and will always have a need to feed the habit of your old self. Actually the truth is you are perfect but you are viewing yourself through your conditioned beliefs. To learn more on conditioned beliefs please see my blog…………………………

2. Don’t compare yourself to others

Stop looking outside yourself for fulfilment. Fact, fulfilment, comes from within and there is exception to this rule.

Everybody has their own journey, their own goals and their own reasons for doing the things they do in life. Take some time to ask yourself why you do things you do and whether they make you truly happy rather than examining what others are doing.

Consider this, the comparisons you make with others are completely irrational anyway, I guarantee their circumstances are very different even if they appear the same at the surface. Imagine how much energy is wasted focusing on others rather than loving yourself.

If you are focusing on what is lacking in your life, you will tend to create that even more. Instead, focus on what is good in your life and see how blessed you already are. Gratitude gives even more to those with grateful hearts.


3. Stop caring about what other people think

Be honest, how many times have you looked at someone and thought they’re too…. loud/quiet, confident/shy, fat/thin, rich/poor, clever/dim, successful/ time waster. Even if you didn’t verbalise your thoughts, your thoughts become feelings and you have now created a belief and feeling based completely on false assumption. An experience only becomes a belief once we add judgement to it and were we right? Very unlikely!

Similarly, when people have opinions about you, they are simply that, opinions based on their perception and how they filter information from the world around them. So it is in fact, a bunch of lies, created by the mind through fear and doubt to judge another person.

Ask yourself can anyone else ever really know my internal world, my thoughts, feelings, experiences, everything that makes me, me? The answer quite clearly is no!

Which do you prefer? To accept who you are, all of you, even the parts you wish were different or to listen to the lies and projections from others? The choice is yours; decide now to live fully expressed as you, as your true self.



4. Choose to consciously love yourself

It’s a choice to love yourself. So often we give credit to others, we notice other’s talents, beauty, but we are much harder on ourselves. It’s time to learn how to be gentle with yourself and show some appreciation.

Lack of self worth is an easy way for the body to fulfil the addiction of stress and self doubt but you have the choice to override those thoughts and take some time to love yourself. All you need is awareness and this is what I am giving you this very second.

Write down 5 achievements a day that you have done, no matter how big or small, and give yourself some praise, say it out loud or write it down. When your analytical mind creeps in and says things like ” yes but anyone can do that” you say “thank you for sharing” and continue.

Remember that everything takes practise but you must not stop, no excuses. You deserve this.


5. Give up the search for love outside of yourself

Love is a feeling that can only come from the inside out. The best way to love others is to love yourself first. We all want to love and care for others, we are hardwired to give and giving feels good, but you can not love others fully without loving yourself first.

When you reach a place of contentment and love within, loving others becomes easy, even those people we used to find difficult in our lives. The most unselfish thing you can do is spend time on yourself. I meditate for at least an hour everyday, this puts me in a place where I am calm, happy and content, in turn I am the best me I can be everyday and others respond to me with love.

Your inner world will always create your outer world.


  1. Jane says:

    Incredibly good advice thank you so much!!

  2. As I am reading Napolean Hill’s “Think and grow rich” your first blog entry also surrounds me with similar wisdom, ensuring the mind is the key to making life how you “want” it!

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