5 Simple Steps To Self-Confidence

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16th December 2018
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31st December 2018

“To truly love yourself you must cultivate honest self-awareness, unconditional self-acceptance and courageous self-expression. When you do this, you will experience true joy.”

Step 1

Realise your full potential – every human being has the ability to achieve whatever they so desire. Fact. Some are just in a place of TEMPORARY failure or procrastination due to the limiting beliefs they have created about themselves. Read my blog “5 simple steps to help you remove conditioned beliefs” to overcome this.

Repeat this EVERYDAY – “I know I have the ability to achieve whatever I so desire in life, therefore, I demand of myself persistence, continuous action towards my desired life and I here by promise to myself to render such action”.

Step 2

Have a clear mental picture of the confident you – know this, your thoughts will eventually reproduce themselves in the form of physical action and in turn produce your physical reality. Even if you do not believe it just yet imagine a wonderful confident version of you. Make this imagination clear and vivid your mind.

Repeat this EVERYDAY – “I realise that the dominating thoughts of my mind will reproduce themselves in the form of my personal reality, therefore, I will commit to myself 30 minutes daily, the joyful task of imagining I am the new confident me”.

Step 3

Trust yourself, trust manifestation – whether you realise this or not every thought that you persist with is manifested into your personal reality in some way, shape or form. Everyday you must persist with the thought that you are confident and more than worthy. You owe this to you.

Repeat this EVERYDAY – “I know through the principle of subconscious suggestion, any thought that I persistently hold in my mind will eventually seek expression through some practical means, therefore, I will devote 10 minutes daily to demanding of myself the development of SELF-CONFIDENCE”.

Step 4

Nurture yourself, nurture your mind – when you nurture your mind you lower your brain wave frequency and this slows your analytical mind. Read my blog – “Do not believe everything you think: Analytical Mind” to understand more. Your analytical mind is the main cause of lack of self-love and self-confidence.

My favourite way to nurture my mind is to meditate and then read my self-confidence affirmations.

Repeat this EVERYDAY – “I owe it to my mind to nurture it, the more love I show to my mind the more my mind responds with thoughts of love. I love my SELF-CONFIDENCE.”

Step 5

Be true to yourself, accept the true you – realise that the only version of you that can be truly full of confidence is the true you. The true you is beautiful. We are all guilty of creating an image we project to the world, basically an ego of sort, this takes energy and drains self-confidence.

If you are as committed to yourself, as you should be, say out loud right now:

“I will sign my name to the 5 steps above, commit it to my memory, and repeat it aloud once a day. I will do this with FULL FAITH that it will gradually change my THOUGHTS and in turn my ACTIONS so that I will become a SELF-CONFIDENT and SUCCESSFUL PERSON.

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