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My Story

I have healed myself from paralysis, created multiple successful businesses to become a first generation millionaire, traveled the world speaking on stages and learning from the world's best in personal development, written two books (1 best seller). I live in Bali with my wife and daughter, and I truly love my life!

I help people to unlock their natural genius, intuition and manifestation power by creating a deep understanding and working relationship with their superconscious to create more money, amazing relationships and live to their fullest expression.

I also help people to create freedom based coaching businesses so they can earn money doing what they love.

My entrepreneurial journey has been far from easy. It started 12 years ago after a life-changing car crash that inspired me to “make my life matter”. The transition from car mechanic to entrepreneur was a huge challenge, until I finally made it a success by making my first £1million.

The problem was however, I finally had money but I was too stressed and burned out to live my life. I felt more trapped than ever before. So I sold one business and closed another down with the intention of creating a “freedom based” business. I built a six-figure coaching business with mindset and spiritual coaching. 

The stress and burnout was still the one reliable thing in my business though! So I learned to scale and leverage through one to many training and coaching. Now I teach others how to leverage our coaching processes and business systems to create their own freedom based coaching business. Enjoy my free content and then reach out when you need help making it all work.

"My relationships are more profound because I am able to open myself to myself. Now I have built a conscious life for me! Thank you so much!"

Sam Raiano
Freedom Warrior Coach

"Aaron, has shown me something unique, a completely new concept I have never come across before which has given me a new direction in life! The Superconscious Academy has opened my eyes, opened my heart, and opened my world!"

Jessica Nutter
Business Coach, Speaker

"Aaron, thank you for changing our world for the better! I had a burning ambition to know who I am, what I am, and to find out what I am good at in life! The Superconscious Coaching Academy has been FANTASTIC!"

David Bell
Property Investor

How We Can Help You...

The SUPERCONSCIOUS ASCENSION process is a revolutionary process to harness the power of your superconscious to overcome all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire by removing all your inner blocks and self sabotaging stuck emotions. 

The reason MOST people invest a lot time, energy and money into personal development courses and events and still find themselves STUCK… and is the difference between “constantly feeling unsatisfied and frustrated” or “living a life fulfilled being able to consistently manifest your true desires” is… a simple shift that almost everybody totally misses. 
Let me teach you the fastest way to conscious manifestation that has taken over 5 years and £250,000 in courses to discover without paying me £10,000 to become your private coach.


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Our BECOMING SUPERCONSCIOUS COACHING CERTIFICATION will teach you how to become a WORLD-CLASS Coach and build a high profit freedom based coaching business by leveraging our proven processes and simple business systems. 

Creating a freedom based coaching business is a science and you will learn all the pieces to put together successful marketing campaigns, find clients, deliver results and with all the support you need so you cannot fail.
The processes you will learn to facilitate will create superconscious transformation for yourself and others so you will be recognised as an AGENT OF CHANGE. You will get everything you need to leave a legacy for the people you love the most.
You get 6 months training, and online university, 7 days of live workshops, 25+ hours of live online class time with a tutor and one to one coaching and support. There is nothing like this in the world that will show you the most important skill to build a business and become a world-class coach.

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