Your number one skill is your ability to manifest. Why?

Because you create EVERYTHING in your life whether you want it or not!

If you want to manifest miracles and magic to create a life you love, transforming your current reality into your dream reality, then this book is for you.

Living a life with passion and purpose with spiritual growth starts with knowing who YOU are and where you are going. That’s what you will discover in this book. As you read this book you will experience many life changing realisations about yourself and your life. You will realise how and why you have restrained your true potential, your spiritual powers, your love, and your superconscious awareness.

You will learn why there is nothing you need to fix about yourself to achieve your dreams.

You don’t have to heal yourself or heal your past to create your true desires. You will discover a new opportunity to harness the power of manifestation in a simple way. In this book is the secret formula for manifesting anything.

EVERYTHING STARTS WITH Y.O.U will give you the ability to...

  • Restore your superconscious abilities to create miracles and magic.
  • Break free from self-sabotage and overwhelm permanently.
  • Discover what you truly need and want.
  • Build powerful, long lasting self-confidence.
  • Focus with clarity undistracted.
  • Create success using the laws of the universe.


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Here's what people are saying about the book...

"This book is refreshingly unique in its approach. I would advise everyone to read it, apply the lessons and change their lives. This book made me realise that I am not broken, all I had to do was allow the real me to emerge. Aaron is clearly an expert in his field and shares his knowledge and wisdom in an easy to follow process."


"A completely unique and new concept that I never come across before even after being in this industry for years! A revolutional way of using energy to create that I love. It's really helped me to get a new direction in life. The whole has opened my eyes, opened my heart and opened my world. I can honestly say this will enhance every area of your life and help you create the life of your dreams."


"The days while reading this and afterwards felt amazing. I felt a true harmony within myself and life made more sense. The processes continue to give clarity, transformation and guidance in my daily life. My health has experienced some monumental moments of healing as a result and life feels more joyous after learning the truth about our superconscious."


"The book has given me clarity on what I want in life. Now I play a bigger game, my business has grown, my appreciation for life has expanded. This knowledge is something that everybody deserves to know. If everybody read this book the world would be a better place and everyone would be happy. The aha moments and breakthrough just kept coming. Awesome book!"


"Aaron has executed the seemingly impossible in his own life and now put the principles into a book that works like a manual in life. Incredible! Not only was it a phenomenal read I often refer back to it to realign myself in life. The processes inside are life changing and I literally use them every single day. Life changing, fun and easy to read book with deep meaning."


"This book is truly fascinating, informative on a logical and intuitive level, and a must read for anyone who wants to transform their life and help others too. The way it is written to be so simple and yet so powerful is inspiring. For me it's the best book I have ever read connected to personal development or spiritual growth."


"Through the teachings of this book and the processes within it I have now been able to identify all the unconscious patterns that held me back. More importantly I realised what I needed to do to change them permanently. Now I am on a path I love, I am creating myself as someone I love, I have found my most definite purpose which has been a huge revelation. I am so grateful."


"Aaron, thank you for changing our world for the better. I had a burning ambition to know who I am, what I am and to find out what I am good at in life. Your book has given me ALL the answers to those life changing questions. This is a MUST read for anyone who wants to create a life of fulfilment and freedom."



The BIG question is... Who are YOU?

Discover the 5 steps to becoming a Superconscious Creator today, and manifest the life you have always desired!


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