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A 12-Month Program To Become A World Class Superconscious Coach

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Welcome to the Restoring Superconscious Abilities Coaching Certification Course.

This course is one of the leading ways of mastering the coaching game. It contains many secret areas of knowledge and implementation exercises, which will begin to unlock your powers, energy and SUPERCONSCIOUS ABILITIES in order for you to optimally create, honor and focus on your dreams leading you to create a more worthwhile, powerful, causative, successful, prosperous and happier life of PASSION, PURPOSE, and PROFIT for yourself and others.

The Becoming Superconscious Coaching Certification
will give you the ability to...

  Restore yours and others superconscious abilities to create a better world.

  Master the basics of Superconscious Coaching.

  Create a successful, freedom-based coaching business making a lot of money. 

✓  Remove all blockages of creation for yourself and others.

  Become a world-class coach who produces fast, long-lasting results.

This is our most transformational program designed for the spiritual leader.

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Be an AGENT OF CHANGE in the World!

Become professionally trained to facilitate these processes to create superconscious transformation for yourself and others:

The Wisdom Process

Master the ability of intuitive guidance making the process repeatable and predictable. Tapping into your genius or innate wisdom to live a life on purpose.

The Superconscious Ascension Process

The simple 5 step Superconscious Ascension Process is a revolutionary process to harness the power of your superconscious to overcome all your limitations and magically manifest everything you desire.

Discovering Who You Truly Are Process

Discover your true self to break out of the box, become a leader of the revolution, and play a big game by becoming fully yourself.

Discover What You Truly Need Or Want Process

Alignment and clarity with your true wants upgrading your consciousness by shifting your awareness into superconscious creation towards your dreams and aspirations.


Restoring The Superconscious Being Process

One Of The Most Powerful, Fast and Effective Superconscious Transformation Processes In Existence. Rapid ascension to superconscious awareness felt in a certainty of self, ability to create fast and experiencing a hugeness of self spiritually.

Your ability to facilitate these processes for your clients will catapult you into being recognised as a WORLD CLASS coach and a leader of the new world revolution.
You deserve to be rewarded and recognised for what you do! 


By the end of the program, you will have the skills and systems needed to build a successful coaching business to live a freedom based lifestyle.

If you know you are meant for more, and are ready to become a life-changing coach, living a life of passion and purpose using the Superconscious Ascension Process, sign up for the Coaching Certification today.

Becoming Superconscious Coaching Certification


You'll Get:

  • Access to Superconscious Coaching Academy Online Programs
  • Advanced Superconscious Ascension Coaching Processes
  • Business Systems to Build A Successful Coaching Empire