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Self Healing Mentor Programs 

Master Your Mind, Master Your Emotions, Heal Your Body

What to expect within the healing mentor programs

Our healing mentor programs seek to heal you from within by improving consciousness, whilst laying the groundwork for permanent recovery. Our journey together includes simple, clear and focused methods for you to heal your mind, body and soul. You will be loved and supported while we address the underlying issues together that led to your illness and pain, in individual or group mentoring sessions.

Your journey with Conscious Success will free you from the frustration of feeling trapped by your illness, pain and emotions. You will learn the tools required to continue to heal for the rest of your life as life throws up new challenges. You will be able to do this whilst being part of a loving and supportive community.

We would love to work with you.

Key benefits of Conscious Success Mentoring

Learn how to master your mind

Get clear and focused methods to take back control of your life

Gain clarity and purpose

Reconnect with a deep drive to give you inner strength

Create more emotional freedom

Master your emotions. Gain new tools and confidence needed to breakthrough limitations, learn to inspire and believe in yourself.

Achieve your health and well being goals

Free yourself from pain, renew your energy & step into a new version of yourself

Ignite a loving and nurturing relationship with yourself

Truly accept and love yourself for who you really are. Reconnect with your inner beauty.

This is for you if:

  • You are clearly ready to release old ways of being and open to receive healing, freedom, and abundance in your life to all new levels
  • You are open to seeing the deeper truth about yourself and your life in ways you have never perceived before
  • You are ready to break free from the chains of illness and pain and step into a new version of yourself
  • You are ready to do the work, healing is a beautiful habit, habits are created through doing the work
  • You lack self belief, we have enough belief for you so you don’t need self belief

Within our program you can:

  • Become completely clear of the root causes of your illness or trauma and align with its solution
  • Access a deeper level of healing than ever before by releasing the main blocks that have been keeping you stuck
  • Insight on what you’re currently doing that can be released and what you can do instead that will have the greatest benefits for you
  • Release old hurts, angers, resentments, and regrets and perceive the gift behind the pains and struggles you have experienced
  • Begin living at an all-new level of vitality, awareness, and passion
  • Awaken to a higher level of consciousness than you have ever experienced before

Here are the options for you:

Application Process

Submit your application form for our healing mentor program
We will be in contact with you within 48 hours
Schedule a connection call to make sure it’s a good fit
Initial call & program recommendation
Sign agreement and start our healing journey together

Conscious Success Healing Mentor Programs provide a solution for people who are seeking spiritual reconnection and healing on a deeper level. Since the mentor program is run remotely we have the honour of working with students from all over the globe.

We have structured the program in such a way that it is time efficient and you can do the work whenever suits you, this means the Healing Mentor Program is ideal for people who have any lifestyle type, including busy lifestyles, such as working professionals or parents.

Empower yourself with healing mentoring

You have the capacity to cope, but you lack self belief and find it hard to access your true physical, emotional, intellectual or spiritual energy? Conscious Success Healing Mentoring will empower you with the focus, insight and accountability you need to achieve the consistent results you crave.

They’re also the strategies Aaron used to overcome his physical and emotional traumas. If you have the desire to overcome your trauma and achieve lasting results, then Conscious Success Healing Mentoring could be for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

1How did Aaron Timms become a Conscious Success Mentor?
Great question - head over to our Meet Aaron page to find out more.
2What is unique about the Conscious Success Mentoring?
The Conscious Success mentoring has a unique formula to unlock the miracle that is locked deep inside every one of us. Here at Conscious Success we give you a whole new inner blueprint so that healing and success becomes a conscious habit. Here at Conscious Success we go beyond the symptom to the root cause. We remove each layer carefully one at a time to release your true potential and take back total control of your life. We help you to heal on every level, emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually.
3What is the Conscious Success Mentoring philosophy?
The fundamental nature and reality of healing rests within you. Although knowledge is important, knowledge lives in your head and our philosophy is to live in your heart. We do the thinking for you so you can live in your heart and you can heal. Our philosophy is to exist in the beauty of your true self.
4What are the costs and is there a payment plan for mentoring ?
The cost vary depending on the option you choose. Yes you have an option to pay in instalments.
5Is Conscious Success Mentoring right for you?
Finding a mentor to love and support through your journey is a very personal thing. We have put lots of information on the website for you to see however the best way to decide this is to speak with us directly. We advise you schedule a call and decide after speaking with us face to face.


Conscious means “life”. When you live a conscious life you are more likely to live a life of happiness and joy. If you’ve lost your way due to emotional and physical trauma, our Self Healing Program can help you get the gift of healing from within, helping you reconnect with your most authentic self and your higher power, whatever that higher power may be. For more information about how our Self Healing Program can help your recovery, submit your application form and we will be contact with you within 48 hours