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9th December 2018
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19th December 2018

Fact: the average person has 65-70,000 thoughts a day and the majority of these are not actually true.

So why should we question our own thoughts rather than just assume they are true?

The analytical mind is there to keep us safe. It creates survival thoughts and in turn survival hormones are released from the brain, which creates survival emotions. Survival emotions are fear, anger, stress and anxiety etc. The analytical mind will create false imaginations and thoughts as much as possible to create those survival emotions to keeps us alert and safe.

Whilst we are unaware, in the daydream of everyday life, the analytical mind is having the time of its life. It literally has control of your thoughts, and you believe what you are thinking because it feels very real, but actually those feelings are just chemical reactions in the brain and body.

Put simply, the thoughts and in turn feelings we have are only as real as the belief we have in them. These feelings then programme the subconscious and create an automatic programme from which we run on 95% of the time.

How wonderful would life be if our automatic programme was one of happiness and love rather than survival? Read on to discover how to achieve exactly this.


As I mentioned in my blog “Thoughts become feelings which lead to actions” we are only aware of, on average, 5% of our thoughts a day and the other 95% are controlled by our subconscious.

Put simply the subconscious is basically our memory (filing cabinet for past experiences within our body) and stimulates our thoughts. The subconscious is addicted to its “familiar self” and will provoke thoughts to feed this addiction.

It does not understand the difference between, true or false, reality or non reality, and this is the exciting thing about it. Because of this we can simply imagine something that truly makes us feel love and happiness. Every time you do this you are adding a memory to the subconscious and rewriting its programme. I do this in meditation for at least one hour a day.

Remember the key to success in doing this exercise is patience and consistency. If you have been running from a programme for many years you can not expect to rewrite this with 5 minutes of work a day.

Top Tip: to add real power to this, every time you have a thought of self doubt or lack of self worth during your daily routine, recognise that this thought is not true. Say out loud “thank you for sharing” and let it go.


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