Do you really know what you want from life? 5 Simple Steps To Create a Clear Intention

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16th January 2019
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26th January 2019

The most common reason people do not achieve what they want in life is because they do not know what they want.

Lets put that right………………………………

1. What is the end goal?

We all set goals to achieve things throughout the year. Maybe its a health and fitness goal or perhaps earning a certain amount more in your business or job. Goals are great but do they really get us where we want to be if we do not know the end goal first. Have you tried deciding with precision and clarity exactly where you want to be in 20 years, 10 years or 5 years? Try to think about this first and work your way backwards and then see what goals you need to achieve this year to be closer to your actual end goal.

2. Why do we want to achieve this goal?

Every goal we set is always to work towards a feeling of some sort. Most decide they want more money or a better relationship or something like that, but why? Its always for a feeling, happiness or security or to feel loved maybe. Lets take a different point of view on what those goals are; they are just vehicles which take you one step closer to the feeling you desire. When you set your goals ask yourself why you want that and really try to understand what feeling exactly is it that you want. When you know your true why you have all the motivation you need and the vehicles required to get there become crystal clear.

3. Self-Development and Self-Awareness

Happiness or what ever feeling you are trying to achieve actually ALWAYS comes from within and this is very important to understand this fully. The vehicles we desire in life, for example money or relationships, are part of our external environment and it is important to know that those give you experiences which create feelings but they are temporary triggers and true happiness comes when we love ourselves fully. This comes when we can be aware of the way we think and feel. A proper clear intention will appear and become easy to see as you become more and more aware of your own thoughts and feelings.

4. Know exactly where you are now.

It is very easy to just flow through life these days. We live in a fast world and its easy to be unconscious with our eyes open. Take a moment to reflect on the results you have in your life now, your relationships, your friends, your job and income etc. It’s a great exercise to write these down as a reference so the change and growth is evident. This is a great way to motivate and also a great way to decide what you really want. It’s a great exercise to simply reflect and self reflection alone is wonderful when creating a clear intention, a clear goal.

5. Honesty and bravery.

Denial is one of the minds greatest techniques to keep you safe, keep you comfortable, be truly honest with yourself when you are reflecting upon where you are and where you want to be. Being emotionally safe and comfortable will ultimately be self destructive and keep you from achieving true happiness in the long run. Being happy and moving towards your goals requires you to step outside your comfort zone sometimes. Please read my blog about limiting beliefs to understand more about why this is.



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