Master Your Mind Heal Your Body

Master Your Mind Heal Your Body

Our mission is to heal millions of people on this planet because we believe to live in a healthy body feeling loved and fulfilled is a right and not a privilege. We want you to be a part of this.

My name is Aaron Timms, my journey started 10 years ago when I was completely paralysed from the waist down after suffering a severely broken back and a damaged spinal cord. The spinal surgeon said I would NEVER walk again. I was even denied physio because the consultants thought it was a waste of time and resources. 12 weeks later I walked out of hospital. I used the power of my mind to heal my body and now I teach others to do the same using mind body healing.

Mind Body Healing is teaching people to heal from and reverse many chronic illnesses like MS, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Colitis, IBS and more. People are healing from chronic back pain and various aches using these simple processes. It’s even helping people overcome depression and anxiety creating completely new lives for people. Even helping people create new relationships, careers and lifestyles.

Mind Body Healing is simple when you know how. I have placed my ten years of experience into two simple processes. You will learn and experience those in this workshop. You will be loved and supported throughout every single moment in a friendly and peaceful environment.

This workshop is an initiation to Mind Body Healing and you leave feeling refreshed and empowered knowing you can unlock greatness within yourself. This interactive workshop will provide you with tools that are easily adaptable into your daily life, helping you to discover ways to master your mind and heal your body.

You will experience & learn:

  • The Mind Body Healing process I used to heal myself from paralysis allowing you to actually ignite healing in your body
  • You will discover how to ignite your body’s innate ability to heal itself opening the door of limitless potential
  • Discover what’s really holding you back and why life could be taking you out. You will experience a deeper connection to yourself and others.

A 4/5 hour workshop with in depth information that you can start using straight away, this is an opportunity to ignite and accelerate your healing. It’s also an opportunity to meet some like minded people whilst having fun

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Mar 21 2020


Event start and finish times are still to be confirmed. They will be within the timescale stated below.
12:00 pm - 5:30 pm



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Holiday Inn Express
Birchwood Road Off Ipswich Road, A12 (Southbound Shell Garage) Colchester CO7 6HS

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