Find Your Why: 5 Powerful Ways to find true purpose

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12th February 2019
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8th March 2019

How do you explain when things do not go as you assumed?

or even better

How do you explain when others seem to defy all assumptions?

My journey has brought me to this enlightening realisation that all great leaders, all great achievers and actually anybody that is truly fulfilled knows their “why”. They know their true “purpose” in life.

Well as it turns out there is a distinct pattern to fulfilment and absolute happiness. People who have achieved fulfilment – Health, Wealth and Happiness – all think, act and communicate in the same way.

5 Things you must understand when finding your “why”.

1. Know the difference between a “why” and a result.

Results are NOT your “why” or “purpose”. Let me give you some examples of results most commonly mistaken as people’s “why” or “purpose” . To be fit and healthy is a result, to make a certain amount of money is a result, to own a house is a result but why? My personal “why” when it comes to being fit and healthy is to enable me to be active with my daughter. My “why” when it comes to money is to give me and my family freedom, freedom of time and travel. My “why” when it comes to owning a house is to have a safe environment for my family. I think you get the idea – the real “why” is NOT the result but the experience the result gives you. This is your “purpose”.

2. Understand why you do the things you do. Have perspective.

Shockingly most people do not know why they do the things they do every single day.  Life can easily become a habit. Ask yourself why you do everything that you do. Why do you have the job/business that you have? Why do you have the friends that you have? Why do you have the hobbies that you have? Do all of these take you towards your true “purpose” in life? Asking yourself these questions every single day will be an enlightening process. You may just find that some of the actions you take in your life are habits rather than your “purpose”.

3. Know that true “why” is always a feeling.

As I mentioned a result is not the same as your “why”. The reason one of my goals is to be healthy, which is a result, is to be able to be active with my daughter. The true “why” here though is the feeling of joy and contentment that this will allow me to feel. True “why” which is the reason we do everything and therefore it is so important to know your true “why” is always a feeling and a feeling always comes from the inside. Do not be afraid to be selfish and admit your “why” is for a feeling that you want. Being selfish in this situation will ultimately be one of the most unselfish things you do. To be the best you, a you with a “why” and a “purpose” will allow you to contribute to others in your best way.

4. Understand the difference between your “purpose” and your “why”.

“Why” is the feeling you will feel once you fulfil your “purpose”. Can I share my life “purpose” and “why” with you as an example? My true “purpose” in life is to inspire others towards fulfilment – Health, Wealth and Happiness – it’s to lead by example and show others that anything is possible. Impossible to me reads i’mpossible. Once I fulfil this purpose I will have such a feeling of joy and true happiness and my “why” is to feel true joy and happiness on a long term basis.

5. Define the difference between the true you and your self image.

Self image is the image that is displayed to the outer world. Very few people are really their true self ALL of the time. Most will be one version of themselves in public and another version behind closed doors. It is very easy to mistake one for the other. True “why” and “purpose” must be found whilst being your true self. Your true self will emerge over time as you ask yourself all the questions and start to understand why you do the things you do.

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