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Inspirational Speaker

Book Aaron Timms to speak at your event

Who is Aaron Timms?

After leaving behind the wheelchair, healing himself from paralysis and overcoming deep emotional trauma Aaron has a unique story of hope and belief to share.

Aaron will leave your audience full of hope and belief that anything is possible. Your audience will be inspired and begging for more.

Aaron has an incredible ability to inspire people through his very authentic approach. He demonstrates that a miracle lies within each and everyone of us leaving your audience with the belief that they can too unlock the miracle within them.

What other event organisers have said about Aaron Timms

Tom – Founder of The Power Mindset Event

Aaron’s energy was amazing and he really created something special in the room. My audience was given hope in abundance and are truly inspired by Aaron. His story is nothing short of a miracle and his very real approach made my audience feel like they can also create a miracle within themselves. He has a very powerful and inspirational message to share. I would recommend actively seeking him out.

Dorina – Co Founder of Leaders In Heels

Aaron Timms left my audience feeling inspired and hungry for more. The way he moved and captivated the audience was Magical! Aaron had a huge positive effect on the lives of everybody in the room – everybody left full of hope & belief. Months later they are still inspired by him.

Questions about Aaron's event speaking

1What does Aaron speak about?
Aaron will speak about how to master your mind and emotions. He will speak about how to own your story and live in your vision. Sharing how he borrowed belief through his recovery and how you can borrow his belief throughout your journey.
2What will the audience gain from listening to Aaron speak?
Inspiration, hope and belief. Self belief is something most people lack and is the most common reason for people not pursuing their dreams and fulfilling their purpose. The audience will leave inspired and believing anything is possible.
3Will Aaron speak anywhere?
Yes. Aaron is willing to travel to literally anywhere. Travel costs will have to be considered when booking.
4What's so great about Aaron?
Aaron speaks from the heart. He is an ordinary man with an extraordinary message. He is real life proof that ordinary people can achieve great things and his passion and purpose is to simply help others.

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