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How we work internationally

We are used to working with people across the globe. We will take care of you wherever you are. Building loving and meaningful relationships with people internationally is important to us which is why we have a global approach with everything we do. You will get a tailored approach wherever you are.Our students and clients are welcomed into our international community.

The application process and how we work together is the same regardless of where you are in the world.

One beautiful heart is better than a thousand beautiful faces. Our community and our world is one beautiful heart. You will be treated with love and supported unconditionally.

Success stories

How Aaron can help you

1st January 2001


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1st January 2001


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1st January 2001

Enjoy the Book

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Frequently Asked Questions

1How can I have Conscious Success Mentoring from anywhere?
Great question, healing comes from within. Our work facilitates you to do your own healing. We guide you, we support and we teach you the tools to heal. This is done live through zoom calls at a time that suits us both.
2Can Aaron speak at my event regardless of the location?
Absolutely, Aaron is willing to travel to serve you in the best way possible. We encourage you to book Aaron to speak internationally as having an international speaker at your event will have a great impact on your audience.
3What are the costs and is there a payment plan for mentoring ?
The costs vary depending on the option you choose. Yes you have an option to pay in installments.
4What are the costs and is there a payment plan to book Aaron to speak?
The cost vary depending on the amount of time speaking and location you choose. Yes you have an option to pay in installments.
5Where will the Conscious Success events take place?
The Conscious Success events will take place in the UK initially. Our vision is to take the events global in the coming years.
6What is the difference between “speaking” and “events”?
When Aaron is speaking at your events he inspires the audience and installs hope and belief in them. The Conscious Success events also include interactive sessions where healing takes place.

Self Healing Mentor Programs

Achieve your health and well being goals in mind, body and soul


Conscious means “life”. When you live a conscious life you are more likely to live a life of happiness and joy. If you’ve lost your way due to emotional and physical trauma, our Self Healing Program can help you get the gift of healing from within, helping you reconnect with your most authentic self and your higher power, whatever that higher power may be. For more information about how our Self Healing Program can help your recovery, submit your application form and we will be contact with you within 48 hours