Law Of Attraction: why most people do not see the results they want.

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20th January 2019
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Ask yourself “Do I really believe and demonstrate to the universe that I deserve what I desire in life?”

1.The universe (quantum field) will mirror your beliefs and feelings not what you want.

Imagine it like this, the universe is infinite energy that will mirror your energy, an endless energy of abundance that is willing to give constantly. Emotion is energy in motion so the signals and messages that you send to the universe are sent through emotions more commonly known as feelings. Don’t worry about the science of how this works just accept this as fact. Most people will say affirmations about what is wanted but feel the opposite. If say you feel joy but demonstrate resentment the universe will mirror your energy – emotion – feeling. Don’t just demand, demand and demonstrate. Gratitude is the ultimate emotion of receivership.

2. The seed that is planted starts to grow but then we forget to water it.

I know from my own experience it’s easy to apply discipline when we feel motivated or inspired. It seems to be a human need to see things to believe them. So many start to demand and demonstrate their desires to the universe, they plant the seed and the seed starts to grow but when we do not see results fast enough we stop. More often than not the seed is planted, then begins to grow and just before it is going to break through the surface we give up, we stop watering the seed.

3. Do we recognise the opportunities as they are served to us?

Opportunity comes in all sort of shapes and sizes. Have you ever been given a book that has just been left on the shelf? I have read books that have literally changed my life. One book that made me completely change the way I thought and in turn gave me amazing results in all areas of my life was given to me by a stranger when I was travelling. Thank you universe. I think you get the point. Opportunities and gifts from the universe come in the form of people, maybe a new friend, or books and many more. Stop expecting golden gates to fall from the sky.

4. The addiction to the “familiar self” is stronger than the will to change.

As you know, for the universe to serve you what you really want, you must feel matching emotions to whatever you desire. Unless you have everything you truly want this requires change from within. Changing on the inside requires a change in emotion and the way you feel. Emotion, energy in motion is actually a chemical released by the brain and the body is addicted to whatever chemicals it is fed regularly. Without knowing this information it is easy to let the bodies addiction take over from the will to change. When your body and thoughts resist this change think of this blog and smile.

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