Who is Aaron Timms?


Along with his wife he is the Co Founder of Conscious Success. Conscious Success was born to help people “master their mind, master their emotions and heal their body”. Conscious Success is helping people heal through the healing mentor programs and live events. Aaron’s passion and purpose is to help people heal from emotional and physical trauma.

What he enjoys most is helping people unlock the power within so that they can release their true potential allowing them to “live their best life”.

Aaron is a visionary. His vision is to create a global community called Conscious Success. This is a community in which everybody is their true self, and healing happens as a by product of self love, and love for others. Above all Aaron is an ordinary family man who enjoys the simplicity and beauty of life.

Aaron's amazing story

In this video Aaron will tell you his incredible story. He will give you hope and belief that you can heal your body with your mind. He overcame paralysis with 0% chance.

Turn your beliefs from fear to hope. Aaron's story is real life proof that miracles happen to ordinary people. If he can do it you can too. You can heal your body with your mind is the message from Aaron. He overcame paralysis using the power of the mind.

Most people are waiting for an EXTERNAL element to take away the guilt, sadness, depression, and stress. But the secret to happiness and fulfilment is WITHIN YOU! This video will demonstrate hope and belief is within every single person. It's time to release those negative emotions and beliefs.

Aaron's story is one of those truly empowering stories that will demonstrate the power of the mind.

Why I developed Conscious Success and the healing mentor programs

Hi, my name is Aaron Timms. You have seen my story and what I have achieved but it is important to me that you know why I am so passionate about what I do.

After the car crash I was lying in hospital. I was deeply depressed, suffering with extreme survivors guilt and facing life as a paraplegic in a wheelchair. I felt like there was no way out, like the invisible walls of fear were caving in on me every single minute. I lacked self belief. Life was over for me in that moment.

I had someone who believed in me. I had someone to protect me from the false belief that I could never recover. That belief is what gave me the courage and drive to make the decision to heal myself, emotionally and physically. Looking back I realise that making the decision was the hardest part of healing. I see many who do not have that person to believe in them so they believe life is over or just accept their trauma.

This breaks my heart and it is my honour, my passion and my purpose to be that person for others.

I developed a consciousness and healed myself and now……………………………..

I know what I did so I can help you heal your trauma

What sets me apart from other healing mentors?

It's simple, my personal story. I have healed myself from paralysis, deep rooted grief and extreme survivors guilts. I am living proof that my healing works. This empowers me to facilitate your healing with integrity and unconditional love.

I help YOU “master your mind, master your emotions and heal your body” so that you are free from trauma forever. With the simple tools and methods you will learn with me you become your own healer. This enables you to live life healed forever.

I am able to feel where the resistance is in you and find the emotional energy blockage. I have the ability to guide you to remove this blockage in a loving and empowering way. This allows you to do the work ensuring that the healing process is thorough and creates permanent results. My consciousness allows me to go straight past the symptom to the root cause.

Healing doesn’t happen in the head it happens in the heart. Knowledge is power but the key to this power is consciousness.

Absolute happiness happens for me when I see others unlock the miracle that lays within them. It's a beautiful moment for me to see people life their best life again.