Overcoming Negative Emotion: 5 Simple Steps To Overcome Negative Emotion (Depression)

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26th January 2019
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12th February 2019

Have you ever felt like this? I know I have!

Believe it or not this feeling is something that can be removed just by a simple shift in mindset – all that is needed is some knowledge, self awareness and discipline.

The most common reason people feel like this is because they look for happiness in their external environment, in a material object, a relationship, in money and earnings but the truth is, happiness is a feeling and can only be found within. Yes some of those things bring temporary joy but true happiness comes from contentment with ones self.

1.Identify – This may seem obvious but we have many emotions that can make us feel suffocated and stuck in a rut, sadness, anxiety, envy ,judgement, jealously, anger and many more. How can we change this feeling if we don’t know exactly what it is? Knowing exactly what it is will also help to identify the actual cause, these feelings are chemicals being sent through the body from the brain but thoughts must have triggered those chemicals to be created. What triggered those thoughts?

One great way to identify those emotions is to observe what your body is doing all the time. The body will physiologically react to the emotional state it is in. Have you ever felt so angry you shake? Have you ever felt so sad that you cry? Have you ever felt so nervous that you sweat? Have you ever felt so anxious your mouth goes dry? I think you get the point now. Once we can identify just one emotion and work on this the results are amazing. This cuts the cycle before the invisible walls of depression get to big, for example, impatience leads to irritation which leads to stress which leads to anger which leads to judgement etc. If you can identify the impatience and deal with this the cycle changes, for example, impatience (identify) leads to calmness which leads to patience which leads to understanding which leads to happiness which leads to love.

2. Admit – To admit that you are feeling this way is an internal acknowledgement and this is powerful for many reasons. Firstly, you have now become self aware, the observer, and this is required to make change and to fix this feeling of depression or negative emotion. Secondly, this is an internal acknowledgement that there is a problem. Having been through this process myself I know that denial (being unconscious with your eyes open) is the body/brain going into survival mode and this is why it is so difficult to see when you are the one feeling like this. To admit and identify is very brave and should be acknowledged as a huge achievement. Not only will this help you to declare victory of the first battle but this will start the process of creating new emotions, ones of self love and self value, the ultimate emotions to feel true happiness.

3. Declare – As I have just mentioned declaring out loud that you have identified a problem in your emotional state of being  is a brilliant way of creating a new emotion. Think of an emotion as energy in motion travelling throughout your body. Not only does declaring this out loud create an emotion of evolution rather than survival but this is a great way to release the unwanted emotion or energy in motion. This energy or emotion is stored in the body and becomes an unconscious addiction until we become aware of it. This is the reason many get “stuck in the rut” and it feels like there is no way out. Once this energy starts to be released mental blockages literally start to break down and a new perspective starts to become visible. With consistency all of a sudden a new perspective on life will start to appear in your mind.

4. Surrender – Declaring out loud will release some of that stored and unwanted emotion, energy in motion, it’s a wonderful start.  However, to surrender this energy will really take clearing out the unwanted energy or emotions to the next level. You will literally feel like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders. To surrender this unwanted emotion is to LET IT GO. The way the brain works in survival mode is to hold onto things, it will not want to surrender any type of emotion so a wonderful technique I use is to surrender it to my higher self. This way the brain lets go much easier. I do this by using imagination, I close my eyes and turn this emotion into an image, for example a box or object. Once I have this image in my head clearly I literally imagine myself giving it to a higher self above me. This is just my way and I’m sure you will find your own.

Thank you kindly for reading this blog. My goal is help and inspire others having triumphed over trauma in the last decade and to do this the best way possible I need your feedback so please comment. All feedback will be received with gratitude. Thank you.

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