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Genius is just persistence in disguise!!!

How many people over the course of our history have been labelled “geniuses” that were just willing to go that extra mile? Let’s consider their state of mind. This persistence is a genius way of creating fulfilment.

In 1878 Thomas Edison was not the only person experimenting with incandescent lights but he was the only man willing to test 6000 different filaments. Every test brought him one step closer to his vision, his dream. Eventually he found a filament that had the power to illuminate the world proving that genius is often just persistence in disguise. Nicola Tesla who spent a frustrated year in Edison’s laboratory once stated “if Edison needed to find a needle in a hay stack he would simply examine straw after straw until he found the object of his search”.

Well my point is that sometimes this is exactly the right method.  As we come across obstacles and our mind wants to simply give up it’s helpful to picture Edison on his hands and knees in his laboratory for days on end unceasing and embodying persistence. To Strive, To Seek , To Find. 

To Strive, To Seek , To Find also applies in the pursuit of health, happiness and wealth – the three fundamental ingredients to true fulfilment.

When you have your true why, when you know your true purpose you will then be playing the long game. This is when you can stop the need for instant gratitude and move towards deep routed happiness – fulfilment. This is when you can adopt a different state of mind and be a completely different state of being.

Persist and Resist: Persist in your efforts and Resist giving in to distractions, discouragement or disorder.

Consider this sate of mind at all times:

1.Never in a hurry – Do you have the patience to refine your idea? To never be in a hurry, and I mean in your state of mind, is to save energy, place your focus and attention on what really moves you towards fulfilment. Where you place your focus and attention is where you spend your energy. Impatience is a strong emotion especially in today’s world where we are conditioned by instant gratitude. Overcome impatience to move towards your vision much faster. My blog on overcoming negative emotions will guide you through this.

2.Never worried – Do you overcome obstacles more efficiently when you are worried? I certainly don’t. To be able to become the observer in any situation is a powerful attribute to have. When faced with an obstacle you have one problem, when you worry about this problem and your mind becomes busy and you now have two problems, the second one being the most difficult to solve. To become the observer is to remove yourself from the obstacle and pretend you are offering a friend advice on how to overcome this particular obstacle. This allows you to work through this problem methodically and the problem is never as bad as the thought before it.

3. Never desperate – Do you make wise decisions when you are desperate? I certainly don’t. Desperation is just a state of mind created by panic. Rather than panic and become desperate, resulting in decisions which will create further destruction, why not become the observer? Remember genius is persistence in disguise. Do you think a genius would panic and become desperate? No. Set backs and obstacles are wonderful opportunities, when you become the observer rather than desperate this forces you to have a different perspective and this will always create new opportunities. Opportunity is the path towards your vision.

4. Never stopping short – Do truly happy and fulfilled people stop short of their vision? Most certainly not. To be fulfilled in the true sense of the word requires you to play the long game. Today’s world is filled with instant gratification and this distracts most from the long term vision and it is the long term vision which offers happiness, health and wealth. Being able to date through internet, having a thousand TV channels at a touch of a button, being able to order anything to arrive the next day – these are all examples of instant gratification which distract us from true fulfilment. Play the long game. Never stop short of the vision you have and deserve.


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