The Power of Self Acceptance

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31st December 2018
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Self-acceptance is a powerful practice that allows the ego to be transformed. Self-love allows the ego to loosen while resistance to the ego only feeds the ego. Judging yourself keeps you from accepting love from others. Through selfacceptance you can experience more love in your life.

The ego is an identity and we all create a certain identity to show the world. This is mostly an identity that we think the world will want and accept rather than our true selves. Becoming true to yourself and letting the world see the real you is empowering.

Its easy to feel like the outside world might not need or want the real you but I can assure you this is not true. Each and every human being has a gift of love and forgiveness, which the world will always need, and your true self has the power to offer this once you release yourself from your ego.

Most actually have a set of different ego’s for different occasions. For example, the funny guy ego, he is the funny guy his friends know, the clown; The strong guy that the ladies know and the well mannered innocent guy that the parents know. You get the point. This all takes a lot of energy and is a time consuming habit that absorbs our thoughts and we have become unaware of this.

Once you learn to be confident and love your true self, accept your-self there is no need to be 10 different people. This is an empowering feeling and will release your thoughts.

How do I know this? Well its simple really……………………………………..

When we are conscious of our thoughts it is only possible to be having one train of thoughts at a time. If we spend the majority of our conscious thought time thinking about who we should be or how we are going to act, this leaves little time to focus on anything else. How you focus your time and energy is how you create your life. This is powerful.

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