Thoughts become feeling which lead to actions

5th December 2018
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29th November 2018
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9th December 2018

You Are Not Your Thoughts and Feelings, and They Don’t Have to Bring You Down



Did you know you have a choice about the way you feel?

Even in your darkest hour the choice is yours I promise.

Let me explain……………………………………………………….

On average we have 65 to 70 thousand thoughts a day and based on vast scientific research it is proven, on average, that 95 percent of those thoughts are subconscious and only 5 percent of those thoughts are conscious. This means we are conscious of our thoughts for roughly 1 hour a day and unconscious of our thoughts for the other 23 hours of the day. Even then we are likely to be fed by our conditioning so for that hour we are conscious we still do not choose our thoughts.


So why do our thoughts directly lead to our actions?

This is actually quite simple once you become aware. When we have a thought our brain reads this information and produces a chemical or chemicals as a result. These chemicals are what we commonly refer to as emotions and result in a feeling. If we have thoughts of an experience we loved Oxytocin is produced and we feel the emotion love, likewise if we have thoughts of an angry experience Adrenaline is produced and we feel anger.

These hormones dictate the way we feel and we always act on the way we feel at that time. Have you ever done something, then once your emotions have calmed, said “that was so out of character” or “I don’t know why I did that?”

The reason is this. As you think a set of thoughts and in turn produce certain chemicals you then have a feeling that mirrors your thoughts. Once you feel a certain way your actions will always mirror your feelings at that time of the event. Simple.

Now you know why you feel the way you do. You have gained a level of awareness and you can consciously choose where you focus your thoughts.

Remember, choose your thought of the day wisely.

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