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Truly Inspiring: 5 Lessons To Live By

The Power of Self Acceptance
3rd January 2019
Do you really know what you want from life? 5 Simple Steps To Create a Clear Intention
20th January 2019

Simple but this will create a wonderful world around you.

1. Change the way you see things and the things you see will change.

Albert Einstein once said “The most FUNDAMENTAL and major decision that YOU have to make in YOUR life is………………..Do I live in a FRIENDLY or HOSTILE universe? Which is it? Do I want to live in a hostile and angry universe or one full of friendly and loving people? Because when YOU see the world like that this is EXACTLY what you create in your life!” The most powerful scientific mind telling us that to create your perfect reality we must change our personality.  Perception is a choice.

2. Understand that there are NO JUSTIFIED RESENTMENTS.

NO matter what anybody says to you, NO matter what kind of ANGER is directed towards you, NO matter how much HATE you may encounter, there are NO JUSTIFIED RESENTMENTS. Meaning, that if  YOU carry around resentment inside of you, about ANYTHING or ANYONE, this includes the person that owes you money or the person that was abusive to you or the person that walked out on you. I am talking about ALL of the things you have JUSTIFIED in your heart and in your life that you have the right to be resentful about. I am telling YOU that those resentments will ALWAYS end up HARMING you in YOUR life. Drop them and move on, not easy I know, but this will save or CHANGE your LIFE for the best.

3. Your thoughts are your future reality.

As you think so shall you be. It all begins with the way that YOU CHOOSE TO THINK. This is the MOST IMPORTANT lesson a human can LEARN and MASTER in our lives. Once you KNOW that what you think about EXPANDS and becomes our REALITY you become very careful about what you think about. You don’t ALLOW your thoughts to become ANYTHING you don’t want or ANYTHING you don’t want to manifest in your life. Simple but truly powerful.


One of the main PRINCIPLES of my life is that NO ONE knows ENOUGH to be a pessimist about ANYTHING. Each and EVERY one of us, when we close our MIND to what is possible for us or for HUMANITY, closes off the GENIUS that RESIDES and lives in each and EVERY ONE OF US. Having an open mind doesn’t mean finding fault with all the things you have been taught by others. It means: opening yourself up to the potentiality and possibility that ANYTHING and EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE.

5. Don’t die with your STORY UNWRITTEN.

Each and EVERY ONE of us is here on this earth for a REASON. We choose this life so live it. We all have a story to write in the form of a wonderful journey so be sure to write it. Maybe you want to write a book or compete in a competition or visit 100 countries, whatever it is you have a choice to write your story. We are all connected to the universe as we are all ENERGY and this gives us the option to write whatever story we want to write. Let your heart lead you not your habits.


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